G-Saviour: Review + All you Need to Know

DirectorGraeme Campbell
Runtime93 minutes
Rating★☆☆☆☆ (1/5 stars)

Gundam G-Saviour is a live-action film adaptation of the popular Gundam franchise that was released in 2000 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

While the movie was not well-received by fans or critics, it offers a unique perspective on the Gundam universe and explores themes that are not typically covered in the animated series.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review of Gundam G-Saviour, highlighting its positive and negative aspects.

We will also give you all the information you need to know about the film, including its plot, characters, and how it fits into the larger Gundam franchise.

Synopsis of G-Saviour

Gundam G-Saviour is a live-action movie adaptation of the popular Gundam franchise. It was released in 2000 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

After the collapse of the Earth Federation, the Congress of Settlement Nations (CONSENT) and the Settlement Freedom League have emerged as opposing powers. Social crises, such as overpopulation and food shortages, are affecting the Earth Sphere, with CONSENT experiencing a global food shortage. The Illuminati is an organization that opposes CONSENT and aims to maintain peace in the Earth Sphere. When scientists from the neutral Side 8 Settlement of Gaea make an agricultural breakthrough, CONSENT decides to suppress the technology using force.

The movie is set in the Universal Century timeline, the same timeline as the original Mobile Suit Gundam series.

The story takes place in the year UC 0223, which is several decades after the events of the One Year War depicted in the original series.

Unlike most Gundam productions, which are animated, G-Saviour is a live-action film.

Characters of G-Saviour

Mark Curran is the main character of G-Saviour. He is a former soldier who is now a civilian pilot. His father was a famous pilot who disappeared during a mission, and Reed is still haunted by his father’s disappearance.

The other main characters include Cynthia Graves, a scientist who is working on a secret project for the Federation.

The other characters are totally forgettable.

Trivia of G-Saviour

Interestingly, Sunrise, the animation studio responsible for the Gundam franchise, has been known to avoid discussing G-Saviour, leading to a running joke within the fandom about the film being unmentionable even among Sunrise.

The film features Congressional Armed Forces uniforms that were previously used as props in the Starship Troopers movie.

Unlike most productions in the Gundam franchise, G-Saviour was originally produced in English and later dubbed in Japanese.

Review of G-Saviour

G-Saviour was not well-received by Gundam fans or movie critics. Many fans were disappointed with the film’s low budget, poor special effects, and deviation from the established Gundam canon.

This movie is terrible and totally forgettable for the franchise. I won’t even analyse every topic, such as music, characters, etc. because everything is bad. Only hardcore Gundam fans should try to watch it.

The live-action format also proved to be a challenge, as the mobile suits in the film did not look as convincing as their animated counterparts.

Critics were similarly unimpressed with the film’s lackluster storytelling and bland characters. Some even called it one of the worst Gundam productions ever made.

Positive Points of G-Saviour

It’s difficult to find a positive point for it, but I’ll be positive for a moment.

It’s nice to see the Universal Century in the future. UC 223 is a very long time from the original Gundam, and it’s cool to see how things have changed.

This is the only possible good aspect of this live action movie.

Negative Points of G-Saviour

Unfortunately, G-Saviour is plagued by many negative points.

The film’s low budget is evident in the poor special effects, which do not compare favorably to the animated Gundam productions. The mobile suits, in particular, look clunky and unconvincing. The film’s storytelling is also lacking, with characters who are underdeveloped and difficult to empathize with.

The dialogue is stilted and unmemorable, and the pacing is slow and plodding.

G-Saviour also deviates from the established Gundam canon, which may be off-putting for fans of the franchise.

The Universal Century timeline is one of the most beloved aspects of the Gundam universe, and G-Saviour’s departure from it is a disappointment for many fans.

Should I watch G-Saviour?

OK, so should you watch it or not?

Despite its flaws, G-Saviour may be worth watching for die-hard Gundam fans who are curious about the franchise’s live-action adaptation. The film offers a unique perspective on the Gundam universe and explores themes that are not typically covered in the animated series.

However, for those who are not familiar with the Gundam franchise, G-Saviour is not the best place to start.

The film assumes a level of knowledge about the Gundam universe and its lore, and may be difficult to follow for newcomers.

The film may not be for everyone, but for those who are curious about the Gundam universe and its live-action adaptation, G-Saviour is worth checking out.

Is G-Saviour cannon?

Many people have doubts about the canonicity of G-Saviour in the Universal Century Timeline.

Tomino (Gundam creator) himself said that G-Saviour is not cannon, so it’s not an official story in the Univesal Century.

So, it you want to avoid this entry in the franchise, feel free to it!

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